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Thank you
for taking the time to read this page in its entirety!
Failure to do so WILL NOT change any part of the policies listed below.
I will ONLY hold a puppy for you if the sale is GUARANTEED!
Added to that fact:
please note that if I am talking to more than one person about the purchase of a puppy and I get a guarantee from one of them the sale will go to that person.
Thank you for understanding.
Health Guarantee & Sales Contract:
If you are purchasing a puppy from BG’s Chihuahuas, please do the following:
★ Print TWO (if using snail mail)copies of the BG Contract.
★ Sign BOTH (if using snail mail) copies.
★ Send BOTH (if using snail mail) copies to me via email or snail mail. I will sign your copy and send it back to you using one of the above mentioned methods.
BG Deposit & Payment Policy:
Before sending any payments, please contact me to ensure the wanted puppy is still available!


Upon receipt of your deposits, payments, and/or balances, I will email you a confirmation.
Payment Methods: 
 Pay pal –  Cash on Delivery
Money transfers (from your bank to mine)
(Sending via Mail, please use – Express Mail, Priority Mail, UPS or FEDEX)
Mailed Payments:
 All 4 Mail options come with a tracking option.
Cash On Delivery will have to be arranged PRIOR to you picking up the puppy.
Full Balance: 
to be paid by  8 weeks of age (unless other arangements have been made).– this is to ensure the puppy will have a permanent home & we have no last minute surprises.

I also use a pet nanny and the cost for her/him is $600 and up. The puppy travels with the nanny in cabin.

A puppy on a late flight might be held over due to bad weather. The airlines charge up to $150 to hold the puppy overnight. In the event that this occurs, you are responsible for this fee, unless we agree otherwise in advance.
I do ship my puppies but ONLY:
if they are of shipping age.- conditions are safe for the puppy, as their health is my number one concern.
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