Thank you
for taking the time to read this page in its entirety!
Failure to do so WILL NOT change any part of the policies listed below.
I will ONLY hold a puppy for you if the sale is GUARANTEED!
Added to that fact:
please note that if I am talking to more than one person about the purchase of a puppy and I get a guarantee from one of them the sale will go to that person.
Thank you for understanding.
Health Guarantee & Sales Contract:
If you are purchasing a puppy from BG’s Chihuahuas, please do the following:
★ Print TWO (if using snail mail)copies of the BG Contract.
★ Sign BOTH (if using snail mail) copies.
★ Send BOTH (if using snail mail) copies to me via email or snail mail.I will sign your copy and send it back to you using one of the above mentioned methods.
BG Deposit & Payment Policy:
Before sending any payments, please contact me to ensure the wanted puppy is still available!
Deposits are NON-Refundable!
$250 for puppies UNDER $1000 & $350 for puppies OVER $1000.
Upon receipt of your deposits, payments, and/or balances, I will email you a confirmation.
Payment Methods: 
U.S. Postal Money Orders – Pay pal –  Cash on Delivery
Money transfers (from your bank to mine)
(Sending via Mail, please use – Express Mail, Priority Mail, UPS or FEDEX)
Mailed Payments:
 All 4 Mail options come with a tracking option.
Cash On Delivery will have to be arranged PRIOR to you picking up the puppy.
Full Balance: 
to be paid by  8 weeks of age (unless other arangements have been made).– this is to ensure the puppy will have a permanent home & we have no last minute surprises.
Shipping Policy:
Weather permitting – we will have shipping available.
Cost: $300 and up (most places in the US) to be paid BEFORE arrangements are made!
Sometimes, it takes time to get a flight that works with all parties schedules & having the money already there helps things run more smoothly.For the benefit of quickness and getting your pet to you as quick as we can, this is an upfront cost.
I prefer to use a
I also use a pet nanny and the cost for her/him is $425 and up. The puppy travels with the nanny in cabin.
A puppy on a late flight might be held over due to bad weather. The airlines charge up to $150 to hold the puppy overnight. In the event that this occurs, you are responsible for this fee, unless we agree otherwise in advance.
I do ship my puppies but ONLy:
if they are of shipping age.- conditions are safe for the puppy, as their health is my number one concern.
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